The studio specializes in

- private interior architecture / houses, apartments, flats;

- public interior architecture/ shops, hotels, restaurants, Spa objects, beauty salons, hair salons, etc.;

- home staging / professional preparation of property for sale

- furniture design

The range of services includes comprehensive interior design as well as its arrangement, decor, adaptation and modernization of existing interiors. The design may apply to individual areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms, offices, children’s bedrooms, playrooms, themed rooms, etc. There is a possibility of making separate visualizations according to client’s recommendation.


Proposed forms of cooperation

COMPREHENSIVE interior design

CONCEPTUAL interior design



COMPREHENSIVE interior design includes thorough development of a given space in the form of: projections, sectional views, interior visualization, descriptions, material specifications, selection of interior fittings

- functional design – assigning functions to individual interiors and establishing the mode of their interaction – communication and zoning;

- design of suspended ceilings;

- lighting design – arrangement of lighting, giving particular areas specific character by use of lighting sets;

- electricity project – setting up outlet locations and choosing their appearance;

- flooring design – alignment, directions, tile connections; choosing of materials;

- wall and ceiling colour compositions, structures;

- selection of internal joinery – doors, skirting plinths – according to specifications;

- arrangement of moving furniture elements according to specifications;

- detailed design of free standing and built-in wardrobes; dressing-rooms;

- free standing furniture designs according to client’s commission;

- designs of non-standard carpentry elements: shelves, table tops, wall panels, etc.;

- design of window arrangement: curtains, panels, blinds, shutters;

- additional decoration: greenery, works of art, etc.;

- small architecture designs: fireplaces, stairs, railings, glazing, etc.;

- designer supervision;

- detailed kitchen designs – development together with selection of household appliances, wall cladding design;

- detailed design of bathrooms – selection of ceramics, fittings, wall and floor coverings;


CONCEPTUAL interior design is the development of several conceptual systems in a given space in the form of projections, views, overall visualization. The chosen version is refined and the project is implemented with guidelines for construction teams. The project does not contain the specification of materials.


PROFESSIONAL ADVICE regarding spaces indicated by the Investor includes:

- discussing design possibilities for the designated space;

- indicating the best possible function, colour and decor solutions;

- presenting the inspiration for particular furnishing choices;

- on-site meeting and office meeting for the presentation of possible solutions

Does not include visualizations or technical drawings for construction teams.



- meeting to establish the requirements of the interior as well as the expectations of Investors; possible forms of cooperation and deadlines are discussed;

- pricing estimation based on projections or stocktaking;

- thorough analysis of Investor’s expectations of the project, providing an interior with specific character; setting a budget and work schedule;

- space evaluation;

- conceptual work on a given space in the form of visualizations, pending approval;

- design process – refinement – direction;

- visits in interior design stores or work with stencils;

- material specifications, preparation of documentation for construction teams;

- implementation / designer supervision;

- styling.

The stages are described in full for the COMPREHENSIVE project. The CONCEPTUAL design involves less specifications, documentation, designer supervision and store visits.



Time to develop a project in CONCEPTUAL form – 5-10 weeks

Time to develop a project in COMPREHENSIVE form – 8-15 weeks

Terms depending on the scope of work and communication with the Investor, determined separately for each commission.